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To complete SpeedSkin's Purchase Order process for all high-volume orders of 500+ covers, please provide 1) Purchase Order, 2) this signed Sample Approval Form, and 3) a picture of your evaluation sample.

Important: The authorized signature on the PO must have the same person's signature which is on this Sample Approval Form.


In submitting this Purchase Order, I affirm that I have read and agree to SpeedSkin's website Exchange Policy (from the "Buy Now" tab on SpeedSkin's website); and

In providing a picture of my UniFit sample, I have evaluated and determined that the UniFit Cover fits our school's keyboards.

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When you are ready to order 500+ UniFit Covers….

Once you evaluate your sample and are ready to submit a Purchase Order, of 500 or more covers, SpeedSkin requires two documents to accompany your Purchase Order. Providing these documents enables you to order UniFit covers with no concern for the hassle of returns because the covers did not meet expectations. Your sample review will provide this assurance.

First, provide the signed “Sample-Approval Form” below. Please review. You can print the Form for future use by clicking the button below.  

Second, provide a picture of your sample. That’s it!  

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Request a FREE Sample

Thanks for your interest in requesting a UniFit sample. 
To qualify for a FREE sample, SpeedSkin requires:? 

  1. an email address ending in .edu or @schoolname.com/gov/ etc.
  2. The address field must contain the name of your school.