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New! Order SpeedSkin Typing Covers at up to 40%+ Discount / Savings
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Order Processing NOTE: All POs will be fulfilled by one of our Authorized Dealers. POs received by fax, email, or mail to SpeedSkin for  SpeedSkin covers will be returned to the customer for resubmissions to one of our Dealers. To re-submit your PO, simply click here for dealer pricing and to order.

SpeedSkin's Orange, Opaque, 4-Row Covers Peek-Proof the Keyboard to Accelerate Typing Mastery

SpeedSkin / Standard Cover Fits All Standard / PC Keyboards

UltraSlim Gen-2 Cover Fits All Standard Laptops, Chromebook Laptops,
and Slim-Line / Desktop Keyboards

Keyboard Covers for Education and Business

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SpeedSkin's Educational Keyboard Covers
Make the Keyboard a Portal to Life's Important Opportunities

Since one size keyboard cover fits all standard keyboards, you don't have to catalog your keyboard inventory. Just order a SpeedSkin standard cover or an UltraSlim cover. Also, when you get new keyboards in your classroom, it's likely that the keyboard skins you have will fit the new keyboards. Re-ordering may not be necessary. 

For help in deciding which cover to order, click here.

Teachers love our keyboard covers for typing because using them typically accomplishes their curriculum goals ahead of schedule AND improves their classroom experience. Our no-peek keyboard covers save you from tedious monitoring when you’re helping children learn keyboard typing. Contact us for more information on our amazing keyboard cover products.

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SpeedSkin welcomes your business! There have been some recent changes. If you wish to order BLANK keyboarding covers for typing, please click the Dealers tab above for product information, pricing and to order

Pricing for Standard Blank Keyboard Covers for Typing Instruction: UltraSlim Gen-2 or Standard/PC
Click Dealers for SpeedSkin’s authorized dealers and its contact information. The links go to its SpeedSkin product page for info and pricing. Our Dealers offer price options for your consideration and outstanding sales/customer service.

Pricing for Foreign-Language-Layout Keyboard Covers: Click the Products tab above; then click the button for this product title for detailed product information.

Pricing for Reading Readiness and Special Needs Covers: Click the Products tab above, then click the button for this product title for detailed product information.