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Keyboard Covers for Education

Order SpeedSkin Chromebook Typing Covers
at up to 40% Discount / Savings
Cick Products tab then Chromebooks

SpeedSkin's Orange, Opaque, 4-Row Covers Peek-Proof the Keyboard to Accelerate Typing Mastery Within Your Curriculum Timeframe

SpeedSkin Covers Fit the Following Keyboards

1    Chromebook Covers  Fit the HP and Dell Chromebooks Used in Schools and Other, Newer Laptops.

   Standard PC Covers  Fit All Standard, “Deep Key” or “High-Profile” PC Keyboards.

  UltraSlim Covers  Fit Older and Current Standard Laptops and Slim-Line PC Keyboards.

NOTE TO CUSTOMER: 1) There is no Speedskin cover pricing on this site; 2) Select and contact a Dealer for pricing, product info, quotes, and the correct cover fit for your keyboards; 3) All POs will be fulfilled by one of our Authorized Dealers.

POs received by fax, email, or mail to SpeedSkin for SpeedSkin covers will be returned to the customer for resubmission to one of our Dealers.

Features and Benefits of SpeedSkin Keyboarding Covers

  • Teachers can easily accomplish keyboarding / typing curriculum goals within a standard curriculum timeframe or less.
  • Teachers need no longer be no-peek "police." Simply placing SpeedSkins on the keyboard "peek proofs" the keyboard.
  • Durable: SpeedSkin covers have been laboratory tested by Underwriters Laboratories and certified over 1 million impacts with no discernible wear.
  • Covers are puncture- and tear-resistant within a supervised, classroom setting.
  • They cover only letter, number, and punctuation keys. All format and function keys remain visible.
  • Bright orange color makes it easy to see that all students have this cover on their keyboards.
  • NO latex- 100% polyurethane
  • Washable with mild soap and cold water.

SpeedSkin's Educational Keyboard Covers
Make the Keyboard a Portal to Life's Important Opportunities

SpeedSkin welcomes your business! There have been some recent changes. If you wish to order BLANK keyboarding covers for typing, please click the Dealers tab above for product information, quotes, pricing, and to order.

Pricing and Product Information for Blank Keyboard Covers for Typing Instruction: Chromebook, UltraSlim or Standard / PC keyboards -  Click Dealers for SpeedSkin’s authorized dealers and their contact information. Each Dealer links you to its SpeedSkin product page for info and pricing. Our Dealers offer price options for your consideration and outstanding sales/customer service.

Pricing and Product Information for Foreign-Language-Layout Keyboard Covers - Click the Products tab above; then click the button for this product title for detailed product information. If you wish more information, click Dealer to locate SpeedSkin’s authorized dealer for language covers: Ventura Educational Systems.

Pricing for Reading Readiness and Special Needs Covers - Click the Products tab above, then click the button for this product title for detailed product information. If you wish more information, click Dealer to locate SpeedSkin’s authorized dealer for these covers and related, special needs products: SKS Software

Amazon Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A GOOD Fit
Verfied Purchase
.....With more of my kids' homework being assigned digitally--they need to learn to type. And they need to learn to type without looking! This Speedskin replaced the old school 'paper taped over they keys' we used when I was in school. It fits perfectly over our laptop keyboard. It stays in place while typing. Did save the plastic form it came on and store it the way. I recommend doing that so it retains its shape and continues to fit properly.

5.0 out of 5 stars Did the Job
Verfied Purchase
.Did as described.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Product
Verfied Purchase
I purchased the speedskin for my son to practice his typing at home. It was exactyl as advertised. There are two thicknesses to choose when ordering. The Ultrathin really on fits the slimmer keyboard and the regular fits the one with the raised keys. Be sure to check your keyboard so that you ket the correct version. The company sent it out on time and it was delivered earlier thant I expected.