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Which Cover Should I Order?

Let us help you determine which cover you need:
An UltraSlim Gen-2 or a Standard PC

New! UltraSlim Gen-2 Cover Is Designed Specifically for
Chromebook, Chromebook-
Style, and Most Newer Standard Laptops! Details below.

 1  Images of UltraSlim Gen-2 Keyboards Which Require the Gen-2 Cover

SpeedSkin's NEW UltraSlim Gen-2 cover fits all standard, brand-name Chromebook and Chromebook-style laptops as listed (and many standard laptop keyboards): Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and others. The NEW Chromebook-Style, blank cover also fits all standard, Chromebook, white-label, after-market-brand laptop keyboards.

While there are only two images of brand name Chromebooks, your standard Chromebook(s) will use the UltraSlim Gen-2 cover. Ignore any differences in the frame size of the whole keyboard.

Chromebook Laptop

If you have questions, please click the Dealers tab above and select an authorized Dealer. Use its Contact template, email, or phone number to request information, request a quote, etc.

Top Edge
Microsoft Keyboard Image 2 Microsoft Keyboard Apple iMac Keyboard
Bottom Edge

 2  Images of PC Keyboards Which Require the Standard PC Cover

SpeedSkin’s PC cover fits ALL standard PC keyboards (including, but not limited to, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Logitech) from different perspectives. If your keyboard brand is not mentioned above, don’t worry. Just follow the process described below.

  • The three images below show standard PC keyboards from different perspectives. SpeedSkin cannot list/display all of the keyboards which would use the PC cover. Fortunately, this determination on your part is a simple, a visual one.
  • If your keyboard(s) are visually comparable to these images, please order Standard/PC cover.
  • See Sections 1 and 2 above to compare visual examples of keyboards which require Chromebook or UltraSlim covers.
PC Keyboard - Generic HP PC Keyboard Generic PC Keyboard 2