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Note: This page is for ordering BLANK covers ONLY.
To order foreign-language-layout covers, special needs products, and/or desk reference cards, click the tab: Products & Shop Now to locate your product of interest, learn more, and purchase.

Authorized Dealers

For excellent pricing and service,
and to order the products listed below, contact:


(832) 741-4244

Ventura Educational Systems 

(800) 336-1022

 1 STANDARD ORDERS: Blank Covers, Individually Wrapped: 1-49 units (multiple units for parents and teachers)

 2 NEW! High-Volume/Bulk, Blank Covers Only -- 40%+ Discount for Orders of 50+ Blank Covers for School-Wide and District-Wide Purchases for orders of 50 or more and in multiples of 50-cover units.

Ventura Educational Systems
(800) 336-1022

 3 Imprinted Language Layout Covers 
a. English Upper- / Lower-Case Covers
for Early Learners and Special Needs Users
b. Imprinted Foreign Language Layout Covers
and Dvorak (Left- / Right- and Both Hands)
c. Large Print Covers
for Special Needs/Visually Impaired Users

 4 Keyboarding Posters and Desk Reference Cards for Keyboarding Instruction