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Bulk/Discount Offers For Blank Keyboarding Covers


Based on the trend toward distance learning and the laudable effort to provide a computer for every child --

  • SpeedSkin covers are now available in high-volume, for purchase in multiples of 50-unit packages with no individual trays or packaging.
  • For school and district-wide distribution to students receiving these computers for their home-based learning and in-school use. 
  • These bulk covers will cost 60% less than the individually wrapped covers in smaller quantities. 
  • For info and pricing, click here
  • By providing a blank, SpeedSkin typing cover to each student, they can learn to touch-type, rather than "hunting and pecking" (maximum speed: only 35 wpm.) In contrast, touch typing with 10 fingers gives them this life-long skill as they become efficient and accurate touch-typists for life (up to 120 wpm.)

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