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SpeedSkin + Typing Software

SpeedSkin orange, four-row, blank keyboard covers are the perfect curriculum companion for typing software programs in the classroom or at home. These covers prevent students from peeking at the keyboard while using any typing software to achieve 60+ wpm. This “peek-proof” training prevents students from acquiring the hunt ‘n peck method which limits typing speed to only 35 wpm. When students cannot see the keyboard, they are required to focus on the on-screen software instruction. This maximizes and develops kinetic/muscle memory which is the basis for touch typing mastery (up to 60-120 wpm) in as little as 6 hours of classroom time. All typing software is enhanced by the use of SpeedSkin covers. For more information regarding the typing programs below, click the image.

Mavis Beacon UltraKey Typing Instructor Typing.com
Typing Pal JumpStart Type to Learn Typing Club
Typing Quest Typing Agent TypingMaster Typesy

All the Right Type