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A Variety of Covers

We invite you to explore our array of keyboard covers for typing.

In addition to blank/no-peak keyboarding covers, we offer imprinted covers for:

  1. Foreign-language-layout keyboard covers
  2. Reading readiness covers with English upper / lower case layout benefit early readers and ESL students (UPPER and lower-case letters for each key); LARGE-PRINT covers benefit the visually impaired; Dvorak layouts covers benefit manually impaired for left- and right-hand users and for both hands).
  3. Keyboarding Posters and Desk Reference Cards

The Best Computer Keyboard Covers

At SpeedSkin, we offer a variety of computer keyboard covers to help you learn to type and type well. From keyboarding instruction covers to foreign-languages, our products will help you achieve all of your typing goals and needs. When you are teaching a class how to type faster, our covers will help ensure they learn correctly without peeking at the keys.

Whether you need just one keyboard cover or enough for a full class of students, we have a variety of options to suit your ordering needs. Our computer keyboard covers are compatible with standard PC and slim-line laptop keyboards, making them extremely versatile and timeless. They are also great tools to use alongside nearly any typing program on the market, so you can successfully learn to type no matter which typing software you use.

When you want to learn how to type faster and more efficiently, SpeedSkin keyboard covers are the best tool you can use. Order our keyboard cover today to help you or your class master typing regardless of age, experience, or occupation.