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SpeedSkin Products Provide Access to the World of Technology for Students with Special Needs,
Visually Impaired, Blind, and Manually Impaired

Reading Readiness Covers Imprinted with English UPPER/lower Case Characters Empower Special Needs Students

- Enables special needs students to more quickly and easily recognize all the letters of the alphabet. Students can visually associate both upper and lower case letter combinations.
- Students gain feeling of success, self-sufficiency, confidence and independence as they master upper and lower case letter recognition - a basic reading skill.
- Using Reading Readiness covers, special needs students have all they need on the keyboard to respond to reading software prompts without asking their teachers or aides for help. Special needs students can now use the computer like everyone else.

SpeedSkin English UPPER/lower-case cover
fits all PC keyboards

Both the imprinting and underlying SpeedSkin and i-skin covers have been laboratory tested and certified to over 1 million impacts each with no discernable wear to the cover or to the lettering, demonstrating excellent long-term durability.

Keyboarding Desk Reference Cards in the Classroom:

Placed on a student’s desk these cards accomplish
reading and keyboarding goals:

Reading: Early readers, special needs students, and ESL students can see the relationship between upper and lower-case letters in the computer keyboard configuration.

Keyboarding: Special needs students have a visual daily reference to the computer keyboard making it a familiar tool.

These goals are accomplished because:

- Upper/lower case letter combinations are shown on
each computer key
- Number/letter/character keyboard placement is visual
on the card
- Provides pre-keyboarding awareness of the keyboard
letter layout.
- Special needs students can practice keyboarding
finger placement right on this card

With a Keyboarding Desk Reference Card on the student’s desk, the computer keyboard becomes a familiar tool for all young students, including those with special needs.

Keyboarding Desk Reference Card

English LARGE PRINT for the visually impaired:

- With English LARGE PRINT covers placed on the keyboard, the computer becomes instantly accessible to those with visual impairment. Take it from computer to computer - it fits all.
- English LARGE PRINT imprinted on our bright orange covers enhances the laptop keyboard in darkened areas such as an airplane or TV room.
- Both the imprinting and underlying SpeedSkin covers have been laboratory tested and certified to over 1 million impacts each with no discernible wear to the cover or to the lettering, demonstrating excellent long-term durability.

Four SpeedSkin Cover® designs fit all keyboard types:

-   SpeedSKIN® Cover Deep-key. Fit all stand-alone, standard PC, ApplePro, and iMac keyboards
-   iSKIN® Covers Shallow / vertical. Key sides are vertical or perpendicular for laptops, Apple MacBook laptops, and portable keyboards. If key sides are slanted, see AppSKIN below. -   AppSKIN™ Covers Shallow / slanted. Key sides are slanted or sloped for laptops, Apple MacBookPro laptops, "ultra slim" stand-alone keyboards, and AlphaSmarts. If key sides are vertical, see iSKIN above.

i-Skin (shallow/laptop-style cover) on laptop


- Braille stickers for the blind can be applied to both SpeedSkin and i-Skin blank keyboard covers.
- Braille users can quickly convert any keyboard for their own use with covers enhanced with Braille stickers.
- The Braille-enhanced covers can be quickly removed in one step restoring the keyboard to its original state.
- Keyboard users no longer have to deal with the sticky residue left on the keys from old stickers.
- Braille stickers are available for purchase at this website link:

Dvorak Left-Hand or Right-Hand Covers for the Manually Impaired:

- Dvorak keyboard character layouts for either left-hand use only or right-hand use only are now quickly and easily available to anyone with this special need by placing the Dvorak left-hand or right-hand cover on the keyboard. (See our Language Conversion page for instructions for converting from one keyboard configuration to another.)

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