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Language Conversion Covers Unlock the Foreign Language Power of Your Computer

- Did you know that a foreign language can easily be added to your desktop? AND that with the click of your mouse, you can toggle between English and any other language you choose?
- There are over 100 foreign languages available in Windows Operating System and over 40 in Macintosh Operating System.

Both the imprinting and underlying SpeedSkin and i-skin covers have been laboratory tested and certified to over 1 million impacts each with no discernable wear to the cover or to the lettering, demonstrating excellent long-term durability.


NOTE: Educational pricing does not apply to business customers

Special Order Language Cover
SpeedSkin on Apple-Pro

Special Order Languages: listed here are over 60 foreign language cover options available in the Microsoft OS. If you wish a non-Microsoft OS language, call SpeedSkin at 800/558-7601 for further information.

Dvorak / Keyboard Layout
English (Australian)
English (British)
English (Canadian)
English (Caribbean)
English (Ireland)
English (Jamaica)
English (New Zealand)
English (South Africa)
Faeroe Islands
French (Belgian)
French (Canadian)
French (Luxembourg)
French (Swiss)
German (Austrian)
German (Liechtenstein)
German (Luxembourg)
German (Swiss)
Italian (Standard)
Italian (Swiss)
Latvian Lithuanian
Norwegian (Bokmal)
Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese (Standard)
Spanish (Argentina)
Spanish (Chile)
Spanish (Bolivia)
Spanish (Columbia)
Spanish (Costa Rica)
Spanish (Dominican Republic)
Spanish (Ecuador)
Spanish (Guatemala)
Spanish (Honduras)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Modern Sort)
Spanish (Nicaragua)
Spanish (Panama)
Spanish (Paraguay)
Spanish (Peru)
Spanish (Puerto Rico)
Spanish (Uruguay)
Spanish (Venezuela)


Problems to be solved:

- Fourteen letters in the English language differ between the upper and lower case.
- Only upper case letters are imprinted on computer keyboards.
- Reading mastery is delayed when early readers become confused as they look for lower
case letters on an all-CAPS keyboard.
- Reading software prompts often require lower case letter responses causing confusion
and frustration for early readers when looking for lower case letters on the all-CAPS
- Students must ask teachers or aides for help—a frustration and distraction for students and teachers.
- Students must wait for help from busy teachers which delays reading mastery.

SpeedSkin’s Solution: A reading Readiness Keyboard Cover with UPPER/lower case letters

Reading Readiness covers with English upper/lower case letters imprinted on each key top provide immediate and constant correlation of these letters for all early and struggling readers (aA, bB, dD, fF, gG, hH, iI, lL, etc.)

Features and Benefits of Reading Readiness Covers:

- Accelerate upper and lower case letter recognition for preK-2 early readers.
- Students can refer to the keyboard cover for letter recognition/identification without
asking their teacher. This independence empowers a student while using reading
software or composing during non-reading instruction.
- Upper and lower case letter mastery occurs while viewing letter pairs imprinted on the
cover key tops.
- The cover can remain on the keyboard during non-reading instruction time to continue
the alphabet mastery process.
- Aids special-needs students in upper/lower case letter recognition.
- Accelerates ESL students’ alphabet mastery.
- Aids teaching English to foreign students in the U.S.
- Aids teaching English to students in foreign countries.

Excellent Durability
SpeedSkin covers have been laboratory tested and certified to over 1 million impacts with no discernible wear to the cover or imprinted letters.

Call 800/558-7601 or email to info@speedskin.com if you have questions.

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