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Excellent Durability
SpeedSkin covers have been laboratory tested and certified to over 1 million impacts with no discernible wear to the cover or imprinted letters.

Find your keyboard type, then find the right cover

Keyboard Type



Custom Cover:
Dell 110L

Standard, stand-alone,
deep-key keyboards




Laptop, standard





   Older ApplePro




   iMac, early generation




   G4 iMac,
   deep key/stand-alone




   G5 iMac,
   deep key/stand-alone








   G4 iBook laptop




   MacBookPro laptop,




   MacBook laptop,




   MacBook Air laptop




Dell 110L laptop
for little fingers




Call 800/558-7601 or email to info@speedskin.com if you have questions.

Listed below are 27 standard, imprinted Language Cover layouts available in the Microsoft OS. These are available at our standard price of $23.50 each, plus $7.25 shipping and handling. Layouts may vary slightly between versions of Microsoft XP.

Standard Languages include:
  • Arabic 101
  • Arabic 102
  • Belgian French
  • Chinese IME
  • Czech
  • English UK
  • English Upper/Lower Case
  • Farsi
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew/English
  • Hungarian 101
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Mongolian Cyrillic
  • Polish 214
  • Polish Programmers
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese Brazilian ABNT
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian Latin
  • Spanish
  • Turkish Q
--  For languages not on this list, call 800/558-7601 for quote based on layout availability and order quantity.
--  Layouts may vary slightly between versions of Microsoft XP.

Is Your Language Layout Not Listed as a Standard Language?
We Have a “Special Order” Option!

Language layouts not listed or non-Microsoft standard language layouts are considered “Special Order” Language Covers and are subject to special pricing and ordering considerations. If you wish to order a Language Cover not listed below, please call SpeedSkin at 800/558-7601 for additional information and a price quote or email your questions to info@speedskin.com.

SpeedSkin’s Language Covers enable you to easily input text in any language of your choice with two easy steps:

1.   Choose a specific language from your computer operating system via the Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages > ...*
2.   Place a cover imprinted with your chosen language layout over your keyboard.

*Additional and complete instructions for Microsoft XP OS keyboard language layout conversion come enclosed in each imprinted Language Cover package.

Using a language-conversion cover, you can easily convert your computer from one language to another just by placing the cover over your keyboard that matches the language you have chosen from your operating system. Thus you have converted your home language keyboard to one of many languages of your choice.

English Covers for ESL Instruction

Problems to be solved:
- Fourteen letters in the English language
differ between the upper and lower case.
- Only upper case letters are imprinted
on computer keyboards.
- Reading mastery is delayed when ESL
students become confused as they look for
lower case letters on an all-CAPS keyboard.
- Students must ask teachers or aides for
help—a frustration for students and teachers.
- Students must wait for help from busy
teachers which delays reading mastery.

English UPPER/lower for ESL instruction

SpeedSkin’s Solution:
A Reading Readiness Keyboard Cover

Reading Readiness covers with English upper/lower case letters imprinted on each key top provide immediate and constant correlation of these letter for all early and struggling readers (aA, bB, dD, fF, gG, hH, iI, lL, etc.)

- Accelerates ESL students’ alphabet mastery.
- Aids teaching English to foreign students in the U.S.
- With the Reading Readiness cover in place, students can refer to the keyboard cover
for upper and lower case letter recognition/identification without asking their teacher for help.
- This independence empowers an ESL student while using reading software or composing
during non-reading instruction.

See SpeedSkin Keyboarding Covers for further product features.

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