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Keyboarding Posters Provide:

- Keyboard layout reference during typing lessons
- Fingering position
- Correct keyboard position
- Ergonomic keyboarding posture
- Small size 11x17" for a classroom setting with two or three computers
- Large size 28x39" for computer lab setting with good visibility even at 50 feet

Keyboarding Poster

Keyboarding Desk Reference Cards:

Placed on a student’s desk, these cards accomplish reading and keyboarding goals:

- Reading: Early readers, special needs students, and ESL students can see the relationship between upper and lower-case letters in the computer keyboard configuration.
- Keyboarding: PreK-2 students have a visual daily reference to the computer keyboard making it a familiar tool.
- Placed on top of the monitor, this reference card provides a quick keyboard layout reference for the keyboarding student when using SpeedSkin keyboard covers.
- When using SpeedSkin keyboard covers during keyboarding drills, these reference cards eliminate the need for a student to lift the cover and peek.
- A "keyboard" for every student's desk.

Keyboarding Desk Reference Card

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