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Learn to Type with our Posters & Desk References

Cross Section of Keyboard

Keyboarding Posters

Keyboarding Posters Provide:

  • Keyboard reference to the layout during typing lessons
  • Correct fingering position and reach along each finger path
  • Ergonomic/correct posture while typing
  • Small size (11 x 17”) is designed for a small classroom of one or two rows away from the chalkboard
  • Large size (28 x 39”) is designed for a computer lab setting with good visibility even at 50 feet

Reference Card

Desk Reference Cards

Learn to Type Faster Using Desk Reference Cards with the Keyboard Layout

How to type faster? Placed on a student’s desk adjacent to his keyboard and using SpeedSkin’s blank computer keyboard covers, these cards accomplish keyboarding mastery and early reading goals. Each keytop shown on the card has both the upper- and lower-case letters imprinted on it.

Reading: Early readers, special needs students, and ESL students can see the relationship between upper- and lower-case letters in the computer keyboard configuration.

Keyboarding: Special needs students have a visual, daily reference to the computer keyboard.

These goals are accomplished because:

  • Upper/lower letter combinations are shown on each key top
  • Number / letter / punctuation characters are easily visible
  • Provides pre-keyboarding awareness of the keyboard layout
  • Special needs students can practice keyboarding finger placement right on the card itself

With a keyboarding desk reference card adjacent to the student’s keyboard, the computer keyboard becomes a familiar tool for those with special needs.

When you order the SpeedSkin keyboard cover for your classroom, you want to ensure you provide students with a variety of resources to master typing. We offer a range of posters and desk reference cards to provide additional assistance when learning how to type faster and more efficiently. 

Learn to type more efficiently than ever when you use all of our helpful products from SpeedSkin. Our posters provide a keyboard layout reference, fingering position guidelines, proper posture, and so much more for students to view and understand. When used in combination with our keyboard cover, your class will be typing masters in no time at all.

When you learn how to type faster using our resources, you will be gaining a skill that can be utilized in many areas of your life.