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Do your students watch their fingers
as they type?

Opaque SpeedSKIN® keyboard covers accelerate keyboard memorization, and train students to keep their eyes on the screen, not on their fingers. No more keyboard peeking!

- Requires students to concentrate on touch-typing
- Improves keyboard memorization, speed and accuracy
- Covers only letter, number and punctuation keys
- Format and function keys remain visible
- Easily lifts on and off in one step as a unit
- Home row indicators give a tactile starting place
- Bright orange color for easy classroom visibility
- Works with any keyboarding instructional software or textbook
- Precision-molded, touch-sensitive polyurethane (no latex)
- One size fits all PC style and Apple Pro keyboards
- Durable and washable with mild soap and cold water
- Embossed dotted cutting line allows ergonomic/natural keyboard fit
- Comes with clear plastic storage tray
- Teachers require and students request SpeedSkin covers because it meets and exceeds expectations.

Excellent Durability
SpeedSkin covers have been laboratory tested and certified to over 1 million impacts with no discernible wear to the cover or imprinted letters.

typing lesson

SpeedSKIN keyboarding cover
on PC keyboard

typing lessons
iSKIN (shallow, laptop-style cover)
on Apple's Power Book

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