"SpeedSkin's Got You Covered!"
(i.e., SpeedSkin has an educational keyboard cover for you!)

SpeedSkin's Educational Keyboard Products Use the Keyboard as a Portal!™

  • Peek-Proof Keyboarding Instruction Covers
  • Keyboarding Instruction/Productivity Software
  • Early Reading Instruction Keyboard Covers Imprinted with Upper/Lower Case Letters
  • Foreign Language Covers for Instruction and Personal Use
  • Special Needs Covers for the
    Visually Impaired, Blind, and Manually Impaired




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SpeedSkin/PC cover fits standard,
stand-alone desktop keyboards
and G4 and G5 iMac keyboards.
PC cover also fits older
and early iMac keyboards.

UltraSlim cover fits iMac aluminum keyboard (short and long), G4 iBook laptop, MacBookPro laptop, most brand-name laptops, and ultra-slim/stand-alone/desktop keyboards.

SpeedSkin/PC covers fit G4 iMac
and G5 iMac keyboards and older
ApplePro and iMac keyboards.

- SpeedSkin and i-Skin covers
- Typing Agent Software
Lab and classroom posters
- Desk reference cards
Covers imprinted with English upper and lower case letters
Desk reference cards with upper and lower case letters
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- Assistive Technology Tools for
Visually and Physically
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College Bookstores: Please call for revised pricing: 800.588-7601 as of August 22, 2013.

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