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Valued Customer: If you wish to order one or both of the High-Volume / Discount products below, click the Dealer Tab.

Based on the trend toward distance learning and the laudable effort to provide a computer for every child --

  • SpeedSkin covers are now available in high-volume, for purchase in multiples of 50-unit packages with no individual trays or packaging.
  • For school and district-wide distribution to students receiving these computers for their home-based learning and in-school use. 
  • These bulk covers will cost 60% less than the individually wrapped covers in smaller quantities. 
  • For info and pricing, click here
  • By providing a blank, SpeedSkin typing cover to each student, they can learn to touch-type, rather than "hunting and pecking" (maximum speed: only 35 wpm.) In contrast, touch typing with 10 fingers gives them this life-long skill as they become efficient and accurate touch-typists for life (up to 120 wpm.)

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But wait, there's more...

  1. SmartKidsSoftware has created an exclusive, volume-discount bundle which includes SpeedSkin bulk covers.

  2. The prestigious "Read, Write, and Type Learning System Online" for young learners (grades K-2) which includes an introduction to reading, letter recognition/penmanship, and typing skills. It is an online/download which is fully accessible at home or school. Click image for more information.

  3. OR, the prestigious "All the Right Type" for older students (including grades 3-12 and vocational training.)
    All The Write Type

Read, Write & Type Cover


With this powerful, discounted, high-volume keyboard cover, plus a typing software, your school and/or school district can:

  • Unlock the power of these computers for your students.
  • Magnify and expand the educational horizons for each student receiving these powerful devices.
  • Create parental goodwill by offsetting the perceived downsides of distance learning.

All the Write Type 4 Online Cover