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500+ UniFit Cover

NOTE: Covid / ESSR funding could apply to your purchase of UniFit covers related to these categories: Assistive technology, student learning loss, and remedial and tutoring tools.

500+ UniFit Covers Pricing

When you are ready to order 500+ UniFit Covers….

Once you evaluate your sample and are ready to submit a Purchase Order, of 500 or more covers, SpeedSkin requires two documents to accompany your Purchase Order. Providing these documents enables you to order UniFit covers with no concern for the hassle of returns because the covers did not meet expectations. Your sample review will provide this assurance.

Purchase Instructions for 500+ UniFit Covers – 2 Simple Steps

Step 1: Obtain and evaluate your free sample. If you need a free sample, click here.

Step 2: With your PO. submit the following documents to unifitorders@speedskin.com.

  • Your school-generated, signed Purchase Order. IMPORTANT: 1) The Sample Approval Form and the Purchase Order must be signed by the same authorized purchasing agent. 2) Include your shipping carrier’s name and account number to be charged for shipping.
  • Photo of your sample. Done!

Step 3: SpeedSkin will promptly confirm that your documentation is complete. If not complete, SpeedSkin will convey how to complete the documentation.

Step 4: If you are notified by email that your documentation is complete, SpeedSkin will email an invoice to the email address on your purchase order. Term: 10 days.

Step 5: Please select one of the payment options listed below. IMPORTANT: Your order will not be shipped until SpeedSkin has received the invoiced amount. Term: 10 days.

  1. Credit card payment of the invoice amount; this will be sent to the email on the school purchase order
  2. School check
  3. Wire transfer: Call number below for relevant information. Term: 10 days
  4. Direct deposit to SpeedSkin’s checking account: Call number below for relevant information. Term: 10 days.

If you have questions, please call us at 800 558-7501.

SpeedSkin’s Exchange-Only Policy

Read before submitting a Purchase Order

Required, Purchase Order Approval Process: All high-volume, UniFit purchase orders (over 500 covers) are predicated upon the following, mutually agreed upon, sample-approval process: the customer 1) received and evaluated a UniFit sample; 2) submitted a signed, Sample Approval Form, including SpeedSkin’s exchange-only policy; 3) submitted their Purchase Order signed by an authorized agent; and 4) submitted a photograph of their sample. Both items 2 and 3 were signed by an authorized school / district purchasing agent.

Limited, Exchange-Only Policy: Based upon the above sample-approval process, the only basis for product returns is for manufacturer’s defects or damage in shipment. In the event of manufacturing defects only, exchanges / replacements are permitted. In the event the claim is settled, covers damaged in transit will be exchanged for new covers subject to pre-payment to SpeedSkin for the replacement covers by the customer’s carrier or by the customer.

The following do not constitute manufacturer’s defects: 1) variations in dye-lot color; 2) thickness and variances standard within the industry, unless the letters on the keys are clearly visible through the UniFit cover (photo documentation required); 3) warping or stretching, creasing/folding due to improper storage or exposure to excessive heat; and 4) on some keyboards, the top, horizontal groove may not match the same groove of your keyboard(s). This intended, minor variance does not affect keyboarding instruction and is necessary to accommodate the majority of Chromebook models. The sample you received contains this design accommodation. Hence, this design accommodation will not be the basis for cover exchanges.

Manufacturer’s Defect Exchange Process

  1. Customer shall inform SpeedSkin within 10 days, by email, the nature of the defect and provide photo-documentation of the defect for all covers in the same email.
  2. If SpeedSkin agrees that the defect will impair the intended use of the UniFit  cover, SpeedSkin will issue a required Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number within 72 hours. IMPORTANT: SpeedSkin will only exchange the defective merchandise with new covers, upon SpeedSkin’s receipt of the claimed defective merchandise for inspection and its confirmation of the defect. The RMA number emailed to customer will contain return shipping instructions. SpeedSkin will pay for return shipping using its carrier account.
  3. Return of Defective Covers: Defective covers may be returned directly by any authorized Purchaser, subject to RMA requirements in Paragraph 2 above at SpeedSkin’s expense. SpeedSkin will provide its carrier pick-up information to customer. Returned covers must have the RMA # visible on the mailing wrap and within the container.
  4. Claims for Product Damaged in Transit: The customer shall resolve these claims with the carrier delivering the product to the customer.
  5. To download and print this information, click the Print button below.

If you have questions, please call 800 558-7501.

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