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To purchase using a PO for a high-volume order, take these 5 easy steps: 

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 Evaluate a FREE sample. To request a FREE sample, click here.

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 Download and review SpeedSkin's "UniFit High-Volume, Customer Purchase Agreement." 

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 Call SpeedSkin (800.558.7601) or contact an Authorized Dealer for an interactive, DocuSign Agreement for completion and signature.

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 All parties (SpeedSkin, Customer, and Dealer (if appropriate)) will simultaneously receive the completed Agreement when the last Party has provided all necessary information and signed it.

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 Full payment is due when purchase order is submitted by credit card or school-issued check. Call SpeedSkin or your Authorized Dealer to process your credit card payment.

Exchange policies

If you have questions, please call 800 558-7601.

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