Do your students watch their fingers as they type?
OR, do they "hunt 'n peck" with two fingers?

UltraSlim Covers Fit Chromebook Laptops!

Opaque SpeedSkin® keyboard covers accelerate keyboard memorization AND train students to keep their eyes on the screen - not on their fingers.
 No more keyboard peeking!

Features and Benefits:

•  Requires students to concentrate on touch-typing

•  Improves keyboard memorization, speed, and accuracy

•  Covers only 4 rows: letter, number, and punctuation keys

•  Format and function keys remain visible

•  Easily lifts ON and OFF in one step as a unit

•  Home-row indicators give a tactile starting place

•  Bright orange color for easy classroom visibility

•  Works with any keyboarding instructional software or textbook

•  Precision-molded from touch-sensitive polyurethane -- NO latex

•  One size fits all standard, PC-style and Apple Pro keyboards

•  One size fits all standard laptops and slim-line, stand-alone desktop keyboards

•  Durable: SpeedSkin covers have been laboratory tested and certified to over 1 million impacts without
discernible wear

•  Washable with mild soap and cold water

•  Comes with heavy-duty plastic storage tray to insure long-term functionality

•  Teachers require and students request SpeedSkin's peek-proof covers - they meet and exceed

Peek Proof Covers Pricing 1

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